Copy Protection Solution for PDF Documents

Protect PDF documents from theft and copying using Dinkey Pro copy protection and licensing solution.

Copy-protect your PDF files quickly and easily using the Dinkey Pro software protection system.

Dinkey Pro creates a copy-protected version of your PDF file by converting it into a secure executable which wraps your PDF, preventing hackers from copying it. The resulting exectuable includes it's own integrated PDF viewer which runs on Windows.

The PDF data is strongly encrypted inside the executable and cannot be extracted using reverse-engineering tools.

This executable is then Shell-protected by Dinkey Pro which adds robust anti-debug and anti-piracy techniques to prevent debugging and analysis of the executable.

When the protected executable is launched it will display the PDF inside its own viewer only if a valid dongle is attached to the computer.

You can also configure licensing parameters for your PDF including:

  • Expiry date
  • Limiting the number of times the PDF is viewed
  • Controlling the maximum number of simultaneous network views (for protected PDFs shared over a network).

Secure PDF viewer application prevents theft of PDF documents

Integrated Secure PDF Viewer

Quickly and easily deploy copy-protected PDFs

Rapid Deployment

Configure licensing settings for your copy-protected PDF documents

Configurable PDF Licensing Settings

You can protect an unlimited number of PDF files to a single dongle or up to 255 PDFs if you want to specify licensing parameters (e.g. expiry date, views, network views).

Using Dinkey Pro to securely lock PDF documents to a dongle is a quick and simple process.

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