Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Allocate Permissions

Identity Access Management (IAM) systems enable the control of users' permissions to be maintained. They also give the ability to add new users, change the permissions of a user or role and add the hardware required to have access to certain areas. They also have the ability to show administrators the last time a user has signed into the system and create logs based on what has been monitored.


Prevent Unauthorised Access

By using an IAM system, it will help to defend against unauthorised access, as it helps to keep users' identities secure from hackers. In addition, it will also prevent those who have left your company still having access to your data, as their logins can be blocked by revoking their authorisation device(s) and removing the user. It can likewise help to solve the problems caused by users with more access permissions than are actually required for their roles, as the IAM will give the users privileges based on the access requirements their roles have.

As well as preventing unauthorised access, an Identity Access Management system will also enable you to give access to those who normally would not have been granted it. This is because you can create a different role to those users, who will then be able to view parts of the system for as long as is necessary.

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