Software Protection API for C and C++ Applications

We provide full sample code in C/C++ that shows how to check for the presence of a dongle and demonstrates many advanced protection techniques. The sample code shows how you can call our static Runtime library or use our dynamic Runtime library.

There are also code samples so that you can program a dongle; protect your software; generate remote update codes and also to accept the update codes on the clients computer. This allows you to produce your own front-end for these actions rather than use the programs supplied in our SDK.

We support the following C/C++ compilers with complete sample projects for both 32-bit and 64-bit code:

  • Visual Studio (all versions since Visual Studio 97)
  • C++ Builder (all versions since 6.0)
  • GCC
  • MingW (including Dev-CPP)
  • XCode (all versions since 2.3)

Note that the SDK includes all the necessary import libraries required by these different compilers to link our dynamic Runtime modules.

In addition (or instead) of calling our Runtime API you can also use our automatic Shell protection to protect your C/C++ applications and encrypt the code and data in your applications to prevent reverse-engineering.

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