Prevent Illegal Copying of Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

There are two methods you can use to protect workbooks for use with the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application.

The best method is to use Dinkey Pro dongles in combination with a product called XCell Compiler produced by DoneEx LLC. XCell Compiler compiles your Excel workbook into an executable file. This means that all your formulas and macros are hidden and cannot be viewed or modified. You can then protect this executable file with Dinkey Pro dongles using our automated Shell method of protection to ensure that only registered users can use your spreadsheet.

Another method is to check the dongle using calls to our API from VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code. This technique is more difficult (and less secure) but gives you more control over when the dongle is called and allows you to change the behaviour of the workbook depending on the response from the dongle. For example, if a valid dongle is not present, you may allow the user to continue to use the workbook, but with certain features disabled.

To make this technique more secure you could also apply the first method using the DoneEx XCell Compiler (it also obfuscates and hides the VBA code).

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