Anti-Piracy Solution for PDF Documents

Protect PDF documents from theft and copying using Dinkey Pro/FD software protection and licensing solution.

It is not possible to apply traditional software protection to PDF files because they are not software: they are data files. However, the Dinkey Pro/FD system can convert a PDF to an executable file which includes its own PDF reader which runs on Windows. The PDF data is strongly encrypted inside the executable and cannot be extracted using reverse-engineering tools.

This executable is then protected by Dinkey Pro/FD using the Shell protection method. This includes strong anti-debug and anti-piracy techniques to prevent debugging and analysis of the executable.

When the protected executable is launched, if a valid dongle is present it will display the PDF inside its own viewer. You can also set an expiry date, limit the number of times the PDF is viewed, and specify the maximum number of simultaneous network views if the file is allowed to be viewed over a network.

You can protect an unlimited number of PDF files to a single dongle or up to 255 PDFs if you want to specify independent protection parameters (e.g. expiry date, views, network views).

Using Dinkey Pro/FD to securely protect PDF documents to a dongle is a simple and quick process.

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