Frequently Asked Questions About SmartSign

SmartSign is a strong authentication system that employs 2-factor authentication and lets users authenticate using their existing mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets.
Strong authentication refers to an authentication mechanism that is far stronger than just a username and password.
Two-Factor authentication is a strong-authentication mechanism involving 2 things (2 factors). The first factor is something you know, such as a username, password or PIN, and the second factor is a thing you have, such as your smartphone.
Out Of Band (OOB) authentication is where part of the authentication procedure takes place through a second channel of communication. This protects against a breach of the primary communication channel (eg, the connection between the user's browser and the application server).
Yes. The SmartSign widget supports on-device authentication. By clicking on the widget, the SmartSign app will automatically be launched for that authentication.
YES! Strong authentication is vital, more so than it's ever been before. Don't put your system's security at risk any longer and get SmartSign now.
SmartSign is designed to be very affordable. The pricing structure is designed to meet the needs of a wide audience and so it scales accordingly. Click here for pricing information.