Smartphone app for programming OATH OTP tokens via NFC

Nick Smith | | 2 minutos de lectura
Hardware de seguridad de TI NFC Contraseña de un solo uso OTP

We are pleased to announce the release of our smartphone app for programming OATH OTP tokens. Using an NFC-enabled smartphone our programmable tokens can be flashed with new secret keys and settings. This allows hardware tokens to be used as a replacement for authenticator apps for 2FA/MFA on platforms including Microsoft Azure, Office365, AWS and Google.

Smartphone app for programming field-programmable NFC OATH OTP hardware tokens

Our OTP Burner app allows you to reconfigure our field programmable OTP tokens. The app allows you to reprogram the token seed (secret key), timestep (either 30 or 60 seconds) and also to re-sync the clock (not all OTP models support this function yet).

The app can be used to program the following OTP tokens:

Many cloud services now let users secure their account using two-factor authentication via an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. Requiring users to install these "soft-token" apps on their personal smartphones is often undesirable especially in enterprise settings. Our NFC-programmable OTP tokens enable OATH hardware tokens to be deployed as a replacement for authenticator apps in cloud MFA workflows.

Multi-factor authentication using OATH OTP hardware tokens is ideal for protecting user access to cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Office365, Google and AWS. Field-programmable OTP tokens offer a more secure alternative to using "soft-token" one-time password apps.

Programmable OTP tokens can be set up during 2FA/MFA enrolment using a smartphone equipped with NFC.

The app is compatible with any system that presents a Google Authenticator-compatible QR code during the enrolment process.

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